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Official Strongman Games Livestream/Scores 2017 Day 2

Day 2 live stream and the results. WSM title finals

by JEM
Official Strongman Games Livestream/Scores 2017 Day 1

Here are the live stream and scores/results for the first day of the Official Strongman Games 2017

by James M
Official Strongman Games 2017

The official strongman games are now live. With online qualifiers followed by a 2 day live event in December. All the WSM titles are available except in the Open category where athletes will compete for a Giants Live place.

by Colin Bryce
Strongman World Records

One of our goals at Official Strongman is to create a comprehensive list of every World Record achieved in each of the major movements. To start with we are focusing on just five lifts, deadlift, log, axle, stone to shoulder and circus dumbbell. Gym lifts won’t be counted, only competition and exhibition lifts will be added. If you know of any records to be updated or added please contact

by Chris Bland
South Wests Strongest Adaptive Man

Following our first foray into the world of Adaptive Strongman, with Darran's 400kg exhibition deadlift at the European Official Strongman Championships we are proud to support South West's Strongest Adaptive Man.

by Chris Bland
Official Strongman European Championship Results

The full results from the 2016 European Official Strongman Championships. Where two athletes scored the same the lighter athlete wins.

by Chris Bland
World's Strongest Man U105 2016 Results

This weekend the strongest u105kg athletes from around the world converged on the Titanic Centre Belfast, to vie for the title of World's Strongest Man U105kg.

by Chris Bland
Invite to the Word Deadlift Championship 2016

We are offering a place at the World Deadlift Championships to the strongest undiscovered (non pro) deadlifter in the world. The winner will receive an invitation to compete alongside the best in the world stage at the Leeds First Direct Arena on the 9th of July.

by Chris Bland
Strongman Galaxy Body Power 2016

Bodypower 2016 certainly lived up to all expectations. The quality of athletes just gets better and better in a show that is renowned for being one of the heaviest and best in the country. Three days saw 9 separate classes battle out over 5 events to take their respective titles. Events were (in order) Giant Dumbbell Press, Giant Wheelbarrow race, Deadlift for reps, Forward hold and loading race.

by Martin Cee
Australasian Record Breakers

Strength sports in the Southern Hemisphere have exploded in popularity over recent years and this weekend the Adelaide Fitness expo proved just how far the sport has come with 10 record records being broken. A huge thank you to Jordan Biggie Steffans for the results.

by Chris Bland
Europe's Strongest Man under 90kg

The UK's biggest independent metal festival might not conjure up images of some of the strongest men that the under 90s has ever seen but that will all change after this event!

by Chris Bland

A few weeks ago I had the pleasure of seeing the Norsemen in action at FSI gym Newcastle. I saw some crazy things, including a 220 no hands squat, a 220kg double overhand deadlift for reps, a crazy stone run and a 400kg yoke run by an 105 competitor.

by Chris Bland
Benni Magnusson

In the run up to both the World Deadlift Championship and Europe's Strongest Man, I'll be giving a brief insight into each of the competitors. The first in this series is the deadlifting legend Benni Magnusson, former strongman record holder and current Raw world record holder. Benni is certainly one to watch.

by Chris Bland
OSM European Championship 2016 Guide

The official strongman european championships are open to all entries in all weight and gender categories. Held at the combat and fitness expo at the O2 Arena this will be a strongman show not to miss. Anyone can enter just upload a lift. Stars from the worlds strongest man will be on hand to help out

by JEM
Official Strongman Championships

Since man first stood upright we have clamoured to discover the strongest amongst us, for of all the attributes it is strength that fascinates us the most. Finally in 1977, after years of debate a definitive solution was offered up and the WSM competition was born, pitting the best strength athletes from all over the globe against each other.

by Chris Bland
The Road to 500.

Before I spent my days either picking up stones or filming others picking up stones, Rugby reigned supreme. Every four years when the world cup would roll around, I’d muse over the same question. “Could the USA team be world beaters the children in america dreamed of winning the World Cup and not the Super Bowl?” With a talent pool that large and such a culture of success in sport would their be a team alive that could stop them?

by Chris Bland
3 Mobility Drills For Log Press

The log press is one of the most technical movements in strongman and requires a dedication to mastery before you'll see serious weights being moved. A man who knows all about that is Aaron Page who is currently sitting in second place on our leaderboard with an incredible 200kgs.

by Aaron Page
Britain's Strongest Man 2016 Line Up

Saturday saw Doncaster, become a mecca of strength, with the best athletes from around the British Isles gathering for the British Strongman Championships. The competition as we have come to expect was fierce as ever.

by Chris Bland
A guide to Squatting with Dave Beattie

Strongman for me has always been about creating a spectacle out of strength and most of the popular events mirror this believe. Sure we could use a normal wheelbarrow for the loading race or we could put wheels and handles on a giant skip. This desire for spectacular events however can come at a slight cost with some less visually appealing events getting neglected, a fate that has befallen the squat.

by Chris Bland
Britain's Strongest Man 2015 Line Up

On the 30th of January the strongest men from around the British Isles will converge once again on the Doncaster Dome, all with a single goal to leave with the title of the Strongest Man in Britain. The prestigious championship has been fiercely fought over by some incredible athletes in the past but few would argue that this is one of the most formidable fields yet.

by Chris Bland
Strongman Training for Beginners

When it comes to starting any new training program there are no truer words spoken. Especially in a sport like ours, where almost anything could be involved in a competition

by Chris Balnd
Sweden's Strongest Man Qualifier - Saffle

This weekend saw the first qualifier in the first qualifier for Sweden's strongest man U105kg. Thanks to Lars and for the info.

by Henrik Saxin
Giants Live Sweden Results

Twelve of the strongest men from around the globe stand before a sold out Stadium Arena, Norkopping, yet with only three guaranteed coveted spots at World's Strongest Man up for grabs competition was always going to be fierce.

by Chris Bland
Thor The Mountain Breaks World Record Keg Toss

Thor has smashed the keg toss record throwing the 15kg barrel 7.05 meters over his head. This feat was performed at Giants Live Sweden. We got a interview with him plus the only official footage

by Chris Bland
Giants Live Sweden 2015

Giants Live will be once again returning to Sweden, where phenomenal athletes from around the globe will battle it out to qualify for the most coveted of spots at Worlds Strongest Man. Last year's Giants Live Sweden saw Brian Shaw emerge as the victor, narrowly beating an impressive Johannes Arjso who excelled in front of the home crowd.

by James McArthur
This is my Gym Krzysztof Radzikowski

When you're living in a van, cafes become much more than the sum of their parts. They become almost a home away from home. Provider of food, coffee, warmth and perhaps most importantly of all wifi. Warming my hands back to life against my coffee cup in central Krakow when the message we have been waiting for beeps into existence. “Sure Chris I’m benching tonight in Lodz, do you want to film that?”

by Chris Bland
Livestream Eurpoes Strongest Man U105 U90

Watch the free live stream from Irish Muscle Power on our you tube channel. This is set to be a big contest showcasing the strongest in Europe under 105 KG and under 90 KG Starting around 11:30 AM on the 11th October

by James McArthur
The Ultimate Strongman Event

Statistics are incredibly fickle things, so easy to bend to show exactly what you desire, yet looked at objectively they can reveal so much.

by Chris Bland
The three greatest bench press sets of all time

Of the four events that are currently live and rankable on the site, the bench press is the odd one out. Not a traditional strongman event by any stretch of the imagination and with the amount of reps being bandied about it’s far from powerlifting.

by Chris Bland
The Deadlift Part 2

Adam Bishop talks us through three basic coaching points to enhance your deadlift

by Adam Bishop
How Strong is Strong

What is strong? Ask 100 strongmen and they’ll probably give you a 100 different answers. Strength to some is a number, plain and simple; a 600lb squat or 4 plates on the bench. Not everyone thinks it’s that clear cut though; they qualify strength relative to an individual’s size. To them a bodyweight and a half farmer’s walk or a 2.5 bodyweight deadlift are a greater indicator of a person’s strength.

by Chris Bland
Log Press Max Launched

The Log Press Max event is now live and ready for entries.

by James McArthur
Eddie Hall New Deadlift World Record 463KG

Eddie Hall set a new deadlift word record for at the World Deadlift Championship 2015. Read more below to watch the video and see this incredible achievement firsthand

by James McArthur
George Leeman at WDC 2015

We are very pleased to welcome George Leeman to the World Deadlift Championships 2015. George has impressed the selectors and will be making his first trip to the UK to compete on the world stage. Check out his you tube clip and more ....

by Colin Bryce
World DeadLift Championship 2015

Quick Q&A ahead of the World Deadlift Championships 2015 with WSM/Giants Live/World Deadlift Champs TV Director and Commentator - Colin Bryce.

by Colin Bryce
The Deadlift

The Deadlift is a simple a test of strength as you can get pick a static, heavy weight off the floor and stand up straight. Simple? Well yes it is actually. It amazes me that such a simple movement can have people so confused when it comes to training. In this article I aim to remind people of the basics of the Deadlift that will help add kilos to the bar with the least amount of mental effort.

by Adam Bishop
Giants Live Results

Here are the results of the 2014 tour and the early 2015 results

by Colin Bryce
Overhead Anyhow Launched

Our third event is now ready to enter. The staple diet of any strongman is the over head any how. Watch colin launch the over head anyhow event by clicking read more

by Colin Bryce
Rauno Heinla Confirmed

Estonian, Rauno Heinla was undoubtedly one of the driving forces behind deciding to start the internet search for the upcoming World Deadlift Championships in Leeds on July 11th.

by Colin Bryce