Open Qualifier Irish Muscle Power


Open competition in which the winner will qualify to Full Giants Live event ( WSM Qualifier event )

Held as part of the Irish Muscle Power expo 2017 at the Titanic Center in Belfast

WhereTitanic Exhibition Centre Belfast, Northern Ireland
OPEN CONTEST – part of Irish Muscle Power Expo –
When30th July 2017
Events Car Dead lift side handles / Straps allowed – 330 / 340kg
Super Yoke 420kg 20m + 20m - time / distance 75 secs
Head to Head Dumbell press 100kg -
Loading Race – 4 objects onto 40in platform 10m run in – 75 seconds
Frame Carry 320 – Duck Walk 220 return 20m
Atlas Stones - 180kg repetitions
TitlesWinning athlete receive invitation to a Full Giants Live Event
Prizes1 st place £500.00 Plus Giants live invitation
2 nd place £250.00
3 rd £100.00
4 th £50.00

More Information

 Invite only to OSM members who meet the criteria through past contest experience.  Official list of competitors to be released soon