About Official Strongman

Welcome to the world of Official Strongman. The search begins for the strongest We are presenting an opportunity for any athlete from any sport, and from any country no matter what location, age, size and indeed gender to get a chance to compete in the sport of strongman. Our goal is that anyone can enjoy and show case their strength by uploading their personal bests done under testing conditions to the: The ‘Official Strongman Rankings’. OfficialStrongMan.com will be finding and ranking the strongest men and women initially through the most simple set of gym-based tests that can be done anywhere in the world.
Be one of the “Worlds Strongest Men”... 

Back in 1977, after years of debate over who was ‘the strongest’, the WSM competition was born, pitting the best strength athletes from all over the globe against each other, in a variety of disciplines. 

Until now, the only way a person could mix with these legendary strongmen was through 'Giants Live', the official qualifying competition for 'World’s Strongest Man'. 

But now, for the first time ever, the Giants' doors are being opened to the entire Strongman community after a Facebook discussion with a few ended up involving many thousands.  We real strong men and women to make this right so join now and become part of the action too! 

Also, it is almost a mystery how one of the world's longest running and most watched sports shows hasn't spawned a fully cohesive world wide organisation to help find the next super star. The only way to currently give your best lifts some official global credibility was to enter a Powerlifting competition for the ‘Big Three’, or do a full Strongman comp for the more exotic lifts, with the quandry of which federation represents me best and of course the often sizeable individual competition entry fees. 

Until now, there was no easy way to compare your individual gym lifts with others and showcase them to the world without people doubting your achievements. That is all about to change. 

With Official Strongman, you can now turn your best gym lift into an internationally recognised, official lift that anyone can view with just a click of a button, proving you are truly one of the few who can walk the walk. 

If you train hard, then chances are you are already in the top 1% strongest people on the entire planet, so congratulations are already in order. But before you pat yourself on the back too hard we challenge you to help us make the sport we all love - strongman - succeed.

So join the events now and become a founding member in this project. 
Let us all enjoy strongman together. Let's all praise the hard work,effort and courage it takes to take to publicly accept challenges.
And remember - Champions are not born but instead they are created. They are created through their belief and their unstoppable determination. 
Champions are are created by overcoming physical and mental hurdles every day. They must overcome the fear of failure. They must deal with defeat and relish the comeback. So upload a video, and let’s finally make this a global sport to be proud of.